FLASH DRIVE: The flash drive contains both the DVD and the book, which you can read on your computer, Kindle or iPad.  The flash drive also contains printable show tickets for Gerry's Las Vegas show at Planet Hollywood. 
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BOOK: In 2014 Gerry wrote his first book; it was his personal autobiography titled "Making The Mentalist."​​  In the book Gerry shares his personal story of success which he attributes to passion & persistence. Gerry hopes the reader will be melted by his candor, amazed at his resourcefulness and goal setting ability and warmed by his magic. Through his story, he hopes others will learn to find their own inner magic.
DVD: The Best of The Mentalist contains Gerry's NBC prime time television special titled "The Mentalist" which started the mentalist sensation. It also contains various television appearances that Gerry has made over the years.